The Cluny Recipe

Take 1 big crazy dream, 11,000 square feet of beautiful space designed by Studio Munge (Canada's top hospitality design firm), 150 passionate industry professionals (a.k.a. butchersbakers and cocktail list makers), 1 soft serve machine (+ 22 toppers), 200 wines (including 15 Champagnes) to make an award-winning list, 3 (yes, THREE) patios, 12 limited edition croissants a year and 10 seats wrapping the raw bar (for a front-row view of the action).

French top at 500° 24-hours a day.
Finish with fresh ideas and love.
Repeat 364 days a year.

The Team

Andrew Wilson

Executive Chef

Arianne Toledo

General Manager

Lucas Craig

Pastry Chef

Clement Bondois

Assistant General Manager

Roland Ducharme

Senior Sous Chef

Justin Manzoni


Jason Goulet

Head Baker


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